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Arranging a Portrait
The easiest way to arrange a portrait commission is using my email
Just provide me with several photos of your beloved animal (I can never have too many).  Photos should show the character of your animal and any items of significance such as a collar, toy or blanket that you might want included in the finished piece.  

Pricing of Portrait
The finished art work is beautifully presented with a double mat, backed by sturdy foam core and is protected by a plastic sheet.  The art work is well protected until framing and can be presented as a gift without a frame if you desire.  See portrait above showing presentation of the finished work.

Pricing is based on the average size of the finished art work (portrait of one animal) which is approximately 30 x 25cm  Frame and postage is not included in the price.  Price is $220

Commonly  Asked  Questions

Can both my animals be painted together?
Another animal can be included in the portrait for an additional cost.  Photo references can be from separate photos. 

Can I give a Gift Voucher?
If you want to give someone a very special present give a 'Gift Voucher' to have their beloved pet painted.  They receive a self explanatory voucher paid for by you.  Framing can be left for the recipient.   My fuss free approach makes this a 'WOW' gift for that special person.   Prices start from $220. 

Can the art work be posted?
Art work can be collected or posted to you.  Postage is by individual application and is paid for by the customer.  I have posted within Australia and overseas and  pastel paintings have arrived safely without damage.   

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