Wednesday, 29 April 2020

One Moment

'One Moment'
The painting 'One Moment' was created on a textured board that I made myself using Art Spectrum Primer (great product).  It is a very textural painting that captures a very misty day on the Frog Pond in Tasmania.  Knowing when to stop is the challenge doing a painting like this! 

Friday, 17 April 2020

'Hidden Enemy'
As the world wages the Covid 19 war many of us can only sit at home which does not feel as if we are contributing, even though it is the best thing we can do.  I have been designing this painting in my mind for the past few weeks and as my concepts became more concrete I was able to express my thoughts in my painting.

There are three subtle Chinese dragons covertly surrounding the green and gold vase.  The vase is beautiful, full of life and light and represents this extraordinary country I call home (Australia). It seems the dragons are closing in as a Chinese flag enters from the right.  There is a bull which gives a nod to Europe in this pandemic.  Even the fruits of our labour are under threat as the dragons approach.  A heavy subject but beauty reigns.

Sunday, 12 April 2020

Bargue Plate Torso

Bargue Plate Torso
On the right is my drawing of the Bargue Plate.  This is the third Plate I have drawn and they will only get better as I do more.... and that is the point.  Fastidiously coping Bargue Plates has been a painstaking exercise for serious artists since the development of a drawing system by Charles Bargue in the 1800's.  Thank you Ben Winspear for introducing me to the Atelier methods.

Thursday, 9 April 2020

Ornamental Bowl with Tecoma

'Ornamental Bowl with Tecoma'
As the weather starts to cool the Tecoma vine is loosing it's beautiful pink blooms.  Before they were all ruined by wind and rain I was determined to feature them in a painting.   The first layer of this painting is watercolour followed by pastel with alcohol and lastly dry pastel.

Closeup of
'Ornamental Bowl with Tecoma'