Sunday, 29 March 2020

Nature's Whisper

'Nature's Whisper'
When creating this painting I imagined people taking time to explore its layers and intricacies, pondering over what techniques I may have used to achieve a range of different effects.  I hope to give you something beautiful to look at that detracts from all the negatives in the world; if only for a moment.  I have used several techniques to create texture and interest as I sculptured the flower shapes from the background.  There are areas of intense colour and interest and in contrast, areas for the eye to rest as the viewer moves around the painting.

The Flowering Gum Trees are adorned with flowers at this time of year and I was determined to paint them before they disappear.  The still life I setup displayed three different colours of flowers but I prefer the rhythm of the composition only using two.

A Close up of 'Nature's Whisper'

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