Thursday, 23 January 2020

'Morning Fog' - Bronte Tasmania

'Morning Fog' - Bronte Tasmania

The inspiration for this painting came from a photo I took when I was in my early twenties, travelling through Bronte in Tasmania on a fishing trip (I was not interested in the fishing but I found plenty to hold my interest).  This image caught my attention as I was doing water colour painting at the time,  Now thirty years later it still captures my imagination, possibly more now than it did then.  I have chosen a muted palate and an alcohol underpainting to communicate a cold, foggy morning.

Thursday, 16 January 2020

'A Touchy Subject'

'A Touchy Subject'
This summer has produced some beautiful thistles in my area.  The vibrant purple of the flower head is so eye catching as I drive around.  In this painting I have tried to communicate how beauty exists in harmony with the gnarly, threatening and extreme sharp bracts and stems.  It reminds me of Snow white eating the shiny red apple, the flower is so bright and alluring but it will pierce anything that dares to touch it. 

This painting was done using alcohol to melt the pastel into which I have carved the dominant thistles.  I have taken inspiration from the shapes and textures created by the underpainting.  Much of what you see is underpainting, particularly the soft suggestive background and  dark mysterious foreground.   I will be demonstrating this technique for the Pastel Society of Victoria, Australia 2 March in Mount Waverly.

Good Bye Mr Pants, Sleep Well

Over time and particularly after painting 'Mr Pants', my student's and I feel like we know him well even though we have never met him.  He provided us with a very handsome and charismatic subject to start our journey of portrait painting.  I recently learnt that he is no longer with us after months of ill health.  He will be sadly missed by his family and all who knew him.  Farewell to the larger than life Mr. Pants x.

Student's Exhibition of Pastel Paintings

 to all Member's of my (Wednesday) Art Class for a beautiful exhibition.  

The Exhibition was held at the Galada Community Centre, North Epping.  Pastel paintings were displayed unframed with a mat only.  Everyone presented truly fantastic work.  Many people expressed how they had no idea my student's were so good!!  Having this Exhibition enabled the public to see some of the subject we tackle and how expressive art can be, as everyone's work possesses their individual signature style.  The students have painted a quaint cottage, adorable cat portraits, stunning skies, still life and more.  The Exhibition was admired by many.  Let's do it again in 2020!