Thursday, 14 May 2020

Online Zoom Class 'Pay as You Go'

Online Zoom Class Wednesday
This is a fun, relaxed, tutored pastel painting class held weekly.  The class is run using the Zoom platform.  Download the ap and you are one click away from an art class in your own art space.  Go to the above menu for more information about times, cost etc.

You only pay for sessions you attend.

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

One Moment

'One Moment'
The painting 'One Moment' was created on a textured board that I made myself using Art Spectrum Primer (great product).  It is a very textural painting that captures a very misty day on the Frog Pond in Tasmania.  Knowing when to stop is the challenge doing a painting like this! 

Friday, 17 April 2020

'Hidden Enemy'
As the world wages the Covid 19 war many of us can only sit at home which does not feel as if we are contributing, even though it is the best thing we can do.  I have been designing this painting in my mind for the past few weeks and as my concepts became more concrete I was able to express my thoughts in my painting.

There are three subtle Chinese dragons covertly surrounding the green and gold vase.  The vase is beautiful, full of life and light and represents this extraordinary country I call home (Australia). It seems the dragons are closing in as a Chinese flag enters from the right.  There is a bull which gives a nod to Europe in this pandemic.  Even the fruits of our labour are under threat as the dragons approach.  A heavy subject but beauty reigns.

Sunday, 12 April 2020

Bargue Plate Torso

Bargue Plate Torso
On the right is my drawing of the Bargue Plate.  This is the third Plate I have drawn and they will only get better as I do more.... and that is the point.  Fastidiously coping Bargue Plates has been a painstaking exercise for serious artists since the development of a drawing system by Charles Bargue in the 1800's.  Thank you Ben Winspear for introducing me to the Atelier methods.

Thursday, 9 April 2020

Ornamental Bowl with Tecoma

'Ornamental Bowl with Tecoma'
As the weather starts to cool the Tecoma vine is loosing it's beautiful pink blooms.  Before they were all ruined by wind and rain I was determined to feature them in a painting.   The first layer of this painting is watercolour followed by pastel with alcohol and lastly dry pastel.

Closeup of
'Ornamental Bowl with Tecoma'


Sunday, 29 March 2020

Nature's Whisper

'Nature's Whisper'
When creating this painting I imagined people taking time to explore its layers and intricacies, pondering over what techniques I may have used to achieve a range of different effects.  I hope to give you something beautiful to look at that detracts from all the negatives in the world; if only for a moment.  I have used several techniques to create texture and interest as I sculptured the flower shapes from the background.  There are areas of intense colour and interest and in contrast, areas for the eye to rest as the viewer moves around the painting.

The Flowering Gum Trees are adorned with flowers at this time of year and I was determined to paint them before they disappear.  The still life I setup displayed three different colours of flowers but I prefer the rhythm of the composition only using two.

A Close up of 'Nature's Whisper'

Friday, 20 March 2020

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning
After painting  'Among the Gums' I have been wondering how a square version of this subject would look.  I wanted to make the bird a stronger focal point which I felt could be achieved by a square composition.  To my eye it works!  I have called this painting 'Sunday Morning' as this bird displayed such a confident and relaxed little attitude like someone enjoying a no stress Sunday morning.  Perhaps he knew it was Sunday.

Clinker Boats on the Coal River

Clinker Boats on the Coal River

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Daffodils #2

Daffodils #2

Close up of Daffodil #2

Close up of Daffodils #2

In March I had the absolute pleasure of demonstrating my painting techniques for the Pastel Society of Victoria, Australia (PSVA).  Daffodils were my chosen subject and the painting above is the finished result of what was started.

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Waratahs and Flannel Flowers

"Waratah's and Flannel Flowers''

This painting was designed to sit with 'A Garden Wonderland'.  Both paintings are bright, cheerful and oozing texture.  The techique used was to wet the first pastel layer with alcohol and then intuitively respond to that initial layer.  I have pulled out shapes according to what the underpainting presented and at times layered shapes on top to give depth.  This lively painting will keep the viewer discovering hidden delights!

A close up view of 'Waratahs and Flannel Flowers'

Sunday, 8 March 2020

Friday, 6 March 2020

Workshop with Glenroy Art Group

'Thank you Glenroy Art Group'
We had a good day exploring the effects of pastel and alcohol.  By reacting to the alcohol and pastel underpainting in an intuitive manner we were able to leave quite a bit of the underpainting exposed in the finished painting.  A little native bird sat among a flowering gum tree, surrounded by texture and soft edges adding to the intrigue of the painting. 

'A Garden Wonderland'

'A Garden Wonderland'

close-up of 'A Garden Wonderland'

Nature's Tapestry

'Nature's Tapestry'

The Frog Pond

'The Frog Pond'

Among the Gums

'Among the Gums'
To achieve a soft, layered effect in this painting I used pastel and alcohol.  My aim is to give the viewer plenty to look at as they explore this painting.

Thursday, 23 January 2020

'Morning Fog' - Bronte Tasmania

'Morning Fog' - Bronte Tasmania

The inspiration for this painting came from a photo I took when I was in my early twenties, travelling through Bronte in Tasmania on a fishing trip (I was not interested in the fishing but I found plenty to hold my interest).  This image caught my attention as I was doing water colour painting at the time,  Now thirty years later it still captures my imagination, possibly more now than it did then.  I have chosen a muted palate and an alcohol underpainting to communicate a cold, foggy morning.

Thursday, 16 January 2020

'A Touchy Subject'

'A Touchy Subject'
This summer has produced some beautiful thistles in my area.  The vibrant purple of the flower head is so eye catching as I drive around.  In this painting I have tried to communicate how beauty exists in harmony with the gnarly, threatening and extreme sharp bracts and stems.  It reminds me of Snow white eating the shiny red apple, the flower is so bright and alluring but it will pierce anything that dares to touch it. 

This painting was done using alcohol to melt the pastel into which I have carved the dominant thistles.  I have taken inspiration from the shapes and textures created by the underpainting.  Much of what you see is underpainting, particularly the soft suggestive background and  dark mysterious foreground.   I will be demonstrating this technique for the Pastel Society of Victoria, Australia 2 March in Mount Waverly.

Good Bye Mr Pants, Sleep Well

Over time and particularly after painting 'Mr Pants', my student's and I feel like we know him well even though we have never met him.  He provided us with a very handsome and charismatic subject to start our journey of portrait painting.  I recently learnt that he is no longer with us after months of ill health.  He will be sadly missed by his family and all who knew him.  Farewell to the larger than life Mr. Pants x.

Student's Exhibition of Pastel Paintings

 to all Member's of my (Wednesday) Art Class for a beautiful exhibition.  

The Exhibition was held at the Galada Community Centre, North Epping.  Pastel paintings were displayed unframed with a mat only.  Everyone presented truly fantastic work.  Many people expressed how they had no idea my student's were so good!!  Having this Exhibition enabled the public to see some of the subject we tackle and how expressive art can be, as everyone's work possesses their individual signature style.  The students have painted a quaint cottage, adorable cat portraits, stunning skies, still life and more.  The Exhibition was admired by many.  Let's do it again in 2020!