Saturday, 9 November 2019

'Summer Notes'

'Summer Notes'

Thank you Glenroy Art Group

Thank you Glenroy Art Group
Thank you to the Glenroy Art Group for inviting me to do a one day workshop .  We had a great day wetting pastel with alcohol and responding to the result.  Together we tackled a painting heroing silver birch trees.  See you all again in February 2020.

Saturday, 19 October 2019

A Dramatic Sky

A dramatic sky is given texture and movement being painted on a resurfaced paper.  Art Spectrum ground (orange) was used to resurface a used piece of AS Colourful.  I put the orange to use as an underpainting which gives a glow to the painting and helps to harmonise the work.

Saturday, 31 August 2019

Signs of Life

"Signs of Life'
A big thank you to the Glenroy Art Group for inviting me to do a demo for them this weekend.  I hope you all get a chance to try applying alcohol to pastel and some of the other methods I shared with you today.  The enthusiastic artists made me feel very welcome.

Detail on the finished watering can

Saturday, 10 August 2019


In our house the two dogs will find the most comfortable places to sleep.  On this day Louis found Sulley the best spot.

Friday, 9 August 2019

Raspberry Pickers - Kinglake

'Raspberry Pickers - Kinglake'
For years I have wanted to pick my own raspberries to make raspberry jam.  Now I can tick that off my bucket list, but I enjoyed it so much that I will endeavour to make it a yearly activity.  We are still enjoying the jam, despite giving away many jars to family and friends.  There were quite a few families picking on the day I happened to be at the raspberry farm.  What a great family activity!



Thursday, 11 July 2019

Winter Joy

'Winter Joy'
Best Still Life Pastel PSVA 2018
In winter I look to pansies to give some colour in my garden.  The old tin containers worked well as planter pots (I am not one to throw out anything that could have a second life).  Everyday I would admire the random growth and the rich colour of the green leaves.  The sprinkling of flowers was a standout.  Now they will survive many more winters.

This painting began with pastels being wet down with water and alcohol which gave an intriguing spider web effect which I chose not to cover in some areas of the painting.  Keeping edges soft and pulling out the subject from the washed background was my chosen approach.

Sunday, 9 June 2019

End of Another Day

'End of Another Day'

Leaving the township of Bright signified the end of our three day art trip.  The sun was setting and casting a glow over the landscape making it harder to dive away.  The long shadows fell over this field I have painted and in the background was a row of small holiday accomodations.  I really loved the little caravan poking its nose out from behind the beautiful autumn trees.  When I look at this painting I feel like I am back in Bright!

Autumn Notes

'Autumn Notes'
at the Galada Community Centre
Leaving the Galada Community Centre car park (where hold my weekly art class), the surrounding   landscape caught my eye.  The car park is surrounded by a built up area which is full of native flora. , possibly planted by the council.  As with many Australia native bushes they appear messy and unkept giving a very natural look to the garden.  As Autumn was approaching the colours of the flora was changing into beautiful muted shades of oranges, reds and greens.  I could see a painting immediately.

Thursday, 23 May 2019


Thank you Jenny for the opportunity to paint this gorgeous chinchilla cat.  I hope that your friend will remember her beloved Oscar fondly when she looks at this painting. It is always quite sad to know that the animal I am painting is no longer with us.  Oscar was loved dearly and will be missed every day.

Monday, 13 May 2019

Shades of Autumn

'Shades of Autumn'

Gentle Sounds of Edi Cutting

'Gentle Sounds of Edi Cutting'

When exploring the King Valley Region Edi Cutting is a must for all campers and artists alike.  The spectacular area offers reflections, beautiful trees, the smell of camp fires, the sound of the King river raging over a rocky river bed.  What a find!

Saturday, 4 May 2019

As the Sun Goes Down

'As the Sun Goes Down'
The King Valley Region is beautiful any time of year but the best time must be autumn.  As the sun was disappearing behind the distant mountains a fairly ordinary scene jumped out at me.  The warm colours were muted as this little corner of the world was thrown into shadow and the scene came alive in my mind.  The contrast between the dense foliage and the bare deciduous trees was very exciting to me.  This scene I could paint again and again changing the colour palette.

Autumn Magic

'Autumn Magic'

About a year ago I had stumbled across this scene as I was exploring the area, but the colour of the trees was so vivid once lit by the sunshine that I felt I could not make a good painting.  This time I saw the painting in my mind straight away with no fear!  I am not sure if I have changed or if the scene was somehow different, but the main thing is that painting this was so enjoyable.

Road Trip

'Road Trip'

A day out around the King Valley and beyond revealed the beauty of the region.   In this little painting I have captured the dense foliage and the unbelievable colour of the autumn landscape contrasting with the man made road.  It was a beautiful, quiet little scene that I saw as a painting the moment I laid eyes on it.

Thursday, 2 May 2019

A Trip to The King Valley Region, Victoria

Recently I went on an Art Weekend Getaway to the  King Valley Region in Victoria, staying in Oxley.  In the Autumn this area comes alive with the most spectacular colours.  The weather was kind providing lots of sunshine and we gathered enough inspiration for a life time.  The township of Bright is magic!  The colours of the autumn foliage has to be seen to be believed.  Thank you to Eileen and Julie for coming with me and enduring all the stops along the way to get inspiring photos.  

Flowering Gum in Clay Pot

'Flowering Gum in Clay Pot'
Best Pastel at Kilmore Art Show 2019

In my local area the Flowering Gums put on a beautiful display during the Summer.  I set out on a mission with scissors in hand to acquire a rather large bunch, only to find I had nearly missed my opportunity, as they were not as abundant and alive as they looked from the front seat of my car.  I managed to collect an adequate arm full and had the most fun painting them.  The clay pot I found recently in a second hand store.  I have been on the lookout for a pot like this for a few years after regrettably turning one down.  The imperfect finish on the pot in contrast to it's highly glossy glaze is wonderful.  Happily this painting won a prize at the Kilmore Art Show recently.  

Sunday, 28 April 2019



When attending the Yarrambat Vet recently I was greeted by the resident cat named Levi.  He was very friendly and reminded me of my dear cat named Monet, who I had in my early twenties.  After taking many photos I captured the look I was waiting for inquisitive, independent and calm.  I set about to paint Levi.  The painting was well received by the staff at the Yarrambat Vet, where it will now reside.  I trust it will be enjoyed and give visitors something fun to talk about.  
Thank you to Jackie!