Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Three Busy Bees

"Three Busy Bees" on AS Colourfix
51cm x 43cm

Some time ago I did a painting of red Flowering Gums.  When reviewing the painting I could see several ways to improve the composition.  What did I have to loose?  So I got to work making changes and I am now happy with the work.  It is a bit like a Where's Wally challenge, as suggested in the paintings title there are three bees busy at work.  I have made them more noticeable now.  Although the vibrant flowers steal the show, the leaves were my focus in this painting.    I used a bold underpainting which dictated the pattern of the leaves.  This technique helps me to keep the painting free with a natural, random feel appearance to the leaves.  My aim is to keep the texture and layering interesting creating only suggestions of familiar shapes.  Keeping the leaves soft allows the flowers to dominate in colour and detail.

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