Sunday, 28 February 2016

"Wetland at Dusk"

"Wetland at Dusk" SOLD
Award Best Pastel at Artists on Parade 2016

As the sun set I ran down to the wetland, close to home, to see how beautiful it might look.  I was not disappointed!  The sky was ablaze with pinks, purples and oranges reflecting onto the still water.  I have not seen such a dramatic sun set since.  I am trilled to win the Best Pastel Award.

Airey's Inlet - Great Ocean Road

"Airey's Inlet" - The Great Ocean Road
on home made sanded paper 33cm x 30cm
Awarded Highly Commended at Warrandyte Art Show 2016

Travelling along the Great Ocean Road there are many spots to stop and enjoy the view from a lookout platform.   This view is from one such platform at Airey's Inlet.  The water had a beautiful turquoise glow as it passed over the rocks along the shore.   The shadow on the left was cast from the rugged coast line. 

"Artist at Work" - Montsalvat

"Artist at Work" - Montsalvat
on Canson Mi Tientes Sand (49cm x 34cm)

Another Montsalvat painting... but who can resist.  When at Montsalvat with the Pastel Society of Victoria, Australia en plein air painting group one fellow pastelist propped herself on an old stone wall to draw what was in front of her.  I loved the way she sat, slightly turned with her elbows tucked in resting on her hips.  Her hat was actually yellow on the day, but I thought red would help to draw your eye to her as the focal point.  I am now looking for opportunities to put figures in my paintings as she was such fun to paint!  I am wondering will she recognise herself?

A Walk in the Mist - Wombat Hill Botanic Gardens, Daylesford

"A Walk in the Mist" - Daylesford
on Canson Mi Tientes 55cm x 45cm

Whilst in Daylesford recently I chose to visit the Convent Gallery.  As I was leaving the weather had deteriorated ( I spent quite a while there).  It was raining hard, very grey and the mist layer was getting progressively thicker.  I looked over the fence to find this scene, and I was captured.  I then spent the next hour or more walking in the rain with my camera protected by an umbrella to the detriment of me.  Although I was drenched I captured some beautiful scenes and my camera remained bone dry.   I had stumbled across the Wombat Hill Botanic Gardens at it's best.  

Walk With Me - Montsalvat

Walk With Me - Montsalvat
on  Mi tiennes Tex 46cm x 33cm

This scene captured me immediately.  There is so much to look at but the eye keeps coming back to  the sun drenched path.  I waited and waited for the sun to peak through the clouds and eventually it did.  The shaded areas provide interest while the lit areas sing.  I hope you are wondering what is around the corner.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

"A Quiet Corner" - Montsalvat

"A Quiet Corner - Montsalvat"
 on homemade sanded paper 40cm x 25cm
Recently I spent a day at Monsalvat with a group of fellow pastelists from the Pastel Society of Victoria, Australia.  The light improved as the day went on and I captured this tranquil little corner.  The shadows were as luring as the old louvers and textured walls.  I can imagine sitting here with a friend for a chat and relaxing for hours.