Thursday, 14 January 2016

Plenty River

"Plenty River"

Plenty River at Plenty Gorge Park
On Mi Ti Tientes Rose
47cm X  31cm

A local scene that changes each day providing a lovely outlook for all who stop to notice.   The reflections are irresistible and I am happy that I have had the opportunity to paint them.

Wetland Doreen

"Wetland" Doreen

The Scarlett Pot

"The Scarlett Pot"

“The Scarlett Pot”
Pastel on Mi Teintes Paper
47 cm X 34cm

Erskine Falls 2

"Erskine Falls 2" SOLD

“Erskine Falls 2”
Pastel on AS Suede 36cm X 65cm

Looking the other direction to the Erskine waterfall was another beautiful scene waiting to be painted.  Of course I have omitted all the people from this tranquil scene.  

Erskine Falls 1

"Erskine Falls 1" - Lorne

“Erskine Falls 1”
On Mi Teintes Paper 27cm x 47cm

At the top of the ‘things to do’ list for Lorne was to walk into Erskine Falls.  It did not disappoint.  The walk into the falls was rewarded with a beautiful water fall surrounded by ferns, reflections, textured rocks and light sprinkling through the foliage.  As soon as I photographed the falls I could see the finished painting, highlighting the light as it filtered through the foliage at the top of the waterfall.  The purples that appeared in the rock shadows were beautiful.  

Montsalvat Arch

“Montsalvat Arch”
Pastel on Black Mi Teintes Paper
18cm x 25cm

Having so many inspiring photos of Montsalvat, I soon became fired up to paint more of this beautiful place.  It really is an amazing place that has the ability to transport you to somewhere a million miles away from Eltham Victoria.  The texture of the stone walls contrast beautifully with the foliage that drapes them.

Monsalvat Shadows

"Monsalvat Shadows" SOLD

“Monsalvat Shadows”
Pastel on Black Mi Teintes Paper 
38cm x 43cm

It seemed about time I paint some buildings after concentrating on reflections for some time.  Sometime ago I took myself to Monsalvat for a day of en plein air painting.  This scene fits well with my current focus of getting more light into my work (a never ending struggle).  I really enjoyed painting this, perhaps I felt like I had travelled to Europe for a day!  

Don't Leave Me

“Don’t Leave Me”
Pastel on home made board, burnt umber
46cm x 38cm

Standing at the car, saying goodbye to our hosts in Lorne, the family dog meandered up to the property boundary.  His owner yelled out “get back here” and he slowly turned as if contemplating his choices.  He is a beautiful fully grown sheep dog, so fluffy and with bounding energy.  Since taking the photo I have had the painting in my head.

The texture of the surface shows through the pastel adding a lovely dimension to the painting.

No Laughing Matter

“No Laughing Matter” SOLD
Pastel on Mi Teintes paper
37cm x 29cm

My family and I were exploring Lorne on a beautiful sunny day.  We were being closely watched by a Kookaburra who sat high on the edge of a roof.  It has been well over a year since I painted on anything without a sanded surface, so I was looking forward to experimenting with the texture of his feathers and making the back ground soft and suggestive.   I used a Canson paper and kept my pastel layers thin.  I enjoyed getting the pastel pencils out too.


Pastel on Mi Teintes paper
30cm x 40cm

Whilst in Lorne I had the delightful experience of sitting on a balcony surrounded by native birds right at feeding time.  Talk about being in the right place at the right time!  This cockatoo sat nestled amongst the chewed leaves.  

I have just purchased some pastel pencils in a set of 72, using a voucher that I won at the Pastel Society of Victoria , Australia.  I was able to enhance the texture of the feathers using the fine point of the pencils.